Friday, May 8, 2020

Stampin' Up! Share Sunshine

I printed off the Share Sunshine PDF and made some cards to send out.  The top two cards are going to my grandchildren.  They don't live close to us so we can't enjoy drive by visits.  We do try to connect online every so often.  But teenagers and tweens don't exactly to hang out with us on zoom unless we are playing games!  I just wanted them to know we think about them and miss them.

The bottom two cards are for my great-niece Eloisa who will be turning 7 in a few weeks and our Aunt Nancy.  (Her birthday is coming up as well but I won't reveal her age - she would kill me!)  They don't live that far from us but since we can't visit them we wanted to let them know we are thinking of them!


Stampin' Up!, Share Sunshine, www,,  Covid 19,

Stampin' Up!, Share Sunshine, www,,  Covid 19,
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