Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Wish I Had a "Nanny Cam!

My husband surprised me this morning with a Valentine Card he made me! While I was at my workshop yesterday, he made this card AND cleaned everything up! If only I had a "Nanny Cam" in my stamping area to see him hard at work! He designed it himself! Isn't it great?? He is a supporting demonstrator...maybe he should teach a class for husbands!! What do you think?
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mssgrz said...

aww it's so pretty!

Angie Hall-mtscrapgal said...

What a sweetie to make you a card. My hubby spends extra time picking out cards that have extra details that he has learned to recognize from my card making (dry embossed elements, decorative edges, multi-layered elements.)Some times he says he made it himself as a joke.