Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Heart Card

Do you remember cutting hearts out of construction paper when you were a young child? We saw this project at Leadership and it brought back memories of making Valentine's Day cards many years ago. I am sending these to my grandchildren this year. To make this card:
  • Fold a 12" x 12" sheet of card stock in half. Cut out a large heart.
  • Place a medium envelope in the center of the heart.
  • This will be the "card" portion. (I folded the envelope in half first to create a center line). See first photo.
  • Make dots at the corners and connect the dots with light pencil lines. These lines will be the score lines.

  • Score along the pencil lines from the top to bottom and side to side, all the way to the edges of the heart. These will be your fold lines.

  • When folded, you can address them and mail them without needing an envelope!
  • The inside of the heart can then be decorated as desired.

I had fun making these this morning! Hope you will, too!


Julie Davison said...

These turned out so cute! And you did a great job with the tutorial!! I'd say from the samples that I can expect a few in my mailbox soon! :) Can't wait!!

Gloria said...

This is really cute, Susan. I think I'll make this one for my husbands Valentine's card. He's seen all the others that we've made in classes. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and ideas!